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Friday, February 04, 2005
Mark it down--- the world record has been broken.
Northern Illinois is now king of the mountain
when it comes to staging the world's biggest
snowball fight. So long to that ski resort
in Switzerland.

On Saturday, people came to Wauconda by car,
sled and even snowmobile, all hoping for a chance
to say they were part of a world record breaking
snowball fight.

In the end, everyone went home a winner.

Almost 3,000 people came out Saturday morning to
the suburb of just more thatn 19,000 residents to
fling snowballs. That means Wauconda will land in
the "Guinness Book of World Record" for the largest
snowball fight ever.

The fight which was put on by the local Lions Club,
was sheduled for 10am. As the hour neared, Lions Club
President Sal Saccomanno could be heard throughout
Cooks Park shouting out the number of people who were there.

Shortly after 10, there were about 2,500 present. By 10:25am
the number had risen to about 2,750. One of the most surprising
announcements came when a police reported that traffic was
backed up for miles.

Right before the snow started flying, Saccomanno announced
that almost 2,900 people were on hand, and it was time to
bring the record back to the United States.In the end, the
final count was 2,936 people.

That beat the previous record of 2,473-- for participants
in a sustained snowball fight, held by the ski resort of
Obersaxen Mundaun at Graubunden, Switzerland, which was
held Jan 18,2003.

The park was divided in half with two equal teams kept
apart by 70 feet with snow fences. One side wore pruple
bandannas on their arms, the other gold. This way, when
the 5-minute fight video is sent to Guinness represntatives
for an official count, they can tell how many people were present.

At least 30 referees were also in place to keep parricipants
from getting too competitive.

(abstracted from DAILYHERALD by: Sarah Faiwell)
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