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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
European airplane maker Airbus has
unveiled the world's largest passenger
plane, a double-decker behemouth that
will seat up to 800 people. The A380 will
make its first test flight this spring
and begin flying passengers in 2006. But
will U.S. airports be ready? No U.S.
passenger airline has yet ordered the plane,
but three airports- San Franciasco's,
Los Angeles' LAX and New York John F. Kennedy'
-- are gearing up for foreign airlines, such
as Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines, that have .
Some runways and taxiways have to be widened
and terminals expanded for the extra passengers.
Virgin Airways said it postponed delivery of its
A380s, partly out of concern that LAX was not
moving fast enough. Sources say planes at LAX may
at first have to park away from the terminal,
with passnegers then being bussed in. But an
LAX spokewoamn says it will be ready.
"I'm no sure I want to be on a plane for
hours with 500 or 600 other people". says an
aviation observer, "but I sure as hell don't
want to then get on a bus to the terminal
with all of them."

(abstrcted from TIMEMAG by: Sally B. Donnelly)
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