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Monday, February 14, 2005
SO GLUED TOypur cellphone that
you don't have time to stop and smell the flowers?
That may change with a new "green" model that could
hit the market within a year.

How it works: These environmentally friendly gadgets
have blodegradable casings that disintegrate in soil
or compost in a matter of weeks and yield flowers in
the process. Who's behind it: a team of British scientists
working with American electronics giant Motorola,
which helped fund the research.

As people constantly upgrade in favor of the latesr color,
design or capability, finding ways to recylce consumer tech
products makes sense, says project manager Perter Morris
of PVAXX Research and Developemnt in Cirencester, England.
Hundreds of millions of cellphones are sold globally each year,
and most castaways end up in landfills. With a green phone,
instead of tossing the specially designed polymer casing,
you plant it.

An embedded seed, visible in the phone's clear plastic
window, germinates as the casing disintegrates. Dwarf
sunflowers were used initially, but other flower options
likely will be availbale.

What next -- a computer that sprouts tree?

(abstracted from USATODAYMAG)
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