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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
Album of the year
"Genius Loves Company"
Ray Charles

Record of the Year
"Here We Go Again"
Ray Charles and Norah Jones

Song of the year
"Daughters," John Mayer,
songwriter (John Mayer)

Best new artist
Maroon 5

Best pop vocal album
"Genius Loves Company"
Ray Charles

Best female pop vocal performance
"Sunrise" Norah Jones

Best male pop vocal performance
"Daughters,"John Mayer

Best pop perfromance
by duo or group

"Heaven" Los Lonely Boys

Best traditional pop
vocal album

"Stardust..The Great American Songbook Vol III"
Rod Stewart

Best rock album
"American Idiot", Green Day

Best rock song
"Vertigo", Bono,Adam Clayton,
The Edge and Larry Mullen,
songwriters (U2)

Best solo rock performance
"Code of Silence"
Bruce Springsteen

Best rock perfromace by a
duo or group with vocal

"Vertigo", U2

Best hard rock performance
"Slither", Velvet Revolver

Best metal performance
"Whiplash", Motorhead

Best alternative music album
"A Ghost is Born", Wilco

Best R&B album
"You Don't Know My name"
Alicia Keys, Harold Lilly and
Kanye West, songwriters(Alicia Keys)

Best female R&B performance
"If I Ain't Got You", Alicia Keys

Best male R&B performance
"Call My Name", Prince

Best R&B performance
by a duo or group with vocals

"My Boo," Usher and Alicia Keys

Best rap album
"The College Dropout"
Kanya West

Best rap song
"Jesus Walks", Miri Ben Ari,
C. Smith and Kanye West
songwriters(Kanye West)

Best rap performace by
a duo or group

"Let Get It Started"
Black Eyed Peas

Best rap solo performance
"99 Problems", Jay-Z

Best rap/sung collaboration
"Yeah!", Usher with Lil Jon
and Ludacris

Best country album
"Van Lear Rose", Loretta Lynn

Best country song
"Live Like You Were Dying",
Tim Nichols and Craig Wiseman
songwriters (Tim McGraw)

Best female country performance
"Redneck Woman"
Gretchen Wilson

Best country performance
by a duo or group

"Top of the World"
Dixie Chicks

Best Latin pop album
"Amir Sin Mentiras",
Marc Anthony

(Abstracted from DAILYHERALD/ARTS)
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