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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
MADRID, Spain -- At the risk of breaching Internet Civility,a European Web portal is offering its visitors a weapon
against spam: a screensaver program that tries to choke spam
servers by flooding them with junk traffic.

As of Tuesday, about 65,000 people has signed up for
the controversial tool from the German based Lycos Europe,
whose sites gets 20 million users monthly.

The company insists the technique is legal -- it says
the culprit servers are simply choked a bit, not completely
asphyxiated--- and dismissed concern that its "Make Love not Spam"
offensive can further clog the world's digital pipeline.

Still, computer experts are worried. "Youd don't stop a bad thing
by being bad yourself", said David Farber, former chief technologist
at the US Federal Communications Commission. "The idea of somebody
coming and hitting you and you hitting back, you both end up very hurt.
It just aggravate an already serious problem."

When a computer with the free LYcos screensaver is idle, the program
sends a junk commands to Web sites indentified by Lycos as selling
products pitched in spam. When done en masse, this eats up precious
bandwidth, causing the sites to overload and slow down.

The goal, said Lycos Europe spokesman Kay Oberbeck, is to "Show the
owners of such spam Web sites that there is massive interest of
thousands of user who are mroe and more against spam each day."

Lycos chooses its targets by reviewing lists of suspects sites
identified by independent spam monitors suich as SpamCop.

(reported by Daniel Woolls/ Associated Press)

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