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Friday, December 03, 2004
KIEVE, Ukraine.

Ukraine's Parliament fired Prime Minister Vikto Yanukovycch and his Cabinet on Wednesay, bolstering opposition leader Viktor Yuchenko's hopes of emerging from Ukraine political crisis as the country's president while drawing a defiant refusal from Yanukovych to step down.


Disappearing ink used in ballot fraud, official says.

KIEV, UKRAINE-- Pens filled with disappearing ink. Hospital patients forced to vote in exchange for treatment. Students instructed to show their ballots to professors.

These are just some of the tricks used to skew Ukraine's disputed presidential election, observer say.

Peter Novotny, the Slovak head of the 1,000 member observer mission of the European Network of Election Monitors, described the vote as an "Outright Fraud".

Documented examples of faud took place in regions that voted for the government backed candidate, Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, including precincts where turning figures exceeded 127 percent. Observers attributed this mainly to pro-Yanukovych activists who traveled across the country and voted many times as absentees.

Prison officials also were reported to have forced inmates to vote for the government's candidate. In addition, some hospital patients were told how to vote if they wanted care, said a Western observer in the eastern Kharkiv region, and students were stripped of their right to a secret ballot or they faced loss of priviledges.

Stephen Sestanovich, a U.S. observer from the New York based Council on Foreign Relations, said his delegation saw "the use of ink that disappeared in four minute"-- a practice that came to light when people noticed the white paper ballots in the transparent boxes were blank.

(by Alex Rodriguez/Tribune Foreign Correspondent and the Associated Press)
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