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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
LAS VEGAS --- The five year marriage is over
between a former Marine and a young Bahraini
royal whose story provided the basis for a
television movie, "The Princess and the Marine".

"It was what she wanted", Jason Johnson told the
Las Vegas Review Journal of the divorce he and
Meriam Al_Khalifa filed for Nov. 17, the day after
their fifth wedding anniversary. It calls them
"inconpatible in marriage."

Johnson, who had sneaked his beloved in the United
States and was court martialed over the relationship,
cast the tale as "Romeo and Juliet" love affair
that disintegrated amid Las Vegas nightlife, opposition
by his wife's family, and at least one death threat.

The story started in January 1999 when Johnson was stationed
in Bahrain, an island kingdom off the coast of Saudi Arabia.
Al-Khalifa is one of the five daughters of Sheik Abdullah
bin Ibrahim Al-Khalifa, a distant relative of Bahrain's king,
Sheik Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa.

They met at a mall and fell in love, though he was a Mormon
and she was a Muslim.

Johnson spirited Al-Khalifa to the United States when his
tour of duty ended in November 1999.

Johnson was court martialed for his role, demoted and
discahrged from the Marines. Al-Khalifa sought political
asylum in the United States. The couple married in Las Vegas
on Nov.18, 1999. He was 23 and she was 19.

Johnson said the FBI told him they'd intercepted a man who
said he'd been paid to assassinate her.

Johnson said Al-Khalifa plunged into Las Vegas nightlife.

About a year ago, Johnson said, Al-Khalifa left him.

(CHICSUNTIMES/Associated Press)
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