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Monday, November 01, 2004
(GEOGRAPHICA..oct issue)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES..... no voting rights

RUSSIA..... Though Russia granted univesal suffrage after the overthrow of the tsar in 1917, the right to vote had little meaning under communism.

BHUTAN..... Village leaders ask family heads to approve national assembly candidates, often chosen by government authorities.

BRUNEI..... No legislative elections have been held since 1965.

NEW ZEALAND..... The island nation was the first to give women to vote in 1893.

SOUTH AMERICA..... Under laws extendng suffrage to illiterates, hundreds of thousands of indigenous peoples received the right to vote in Peru in 1980 and Ecuador in 1984.

UNITED STATES..... Women were granted the vote in 1920. Though suffrage was extended to black males in 1870, it took the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to enforce suffrage to all blacks.

CANADA..... Quebec was the last Canadian province to give women full suffrage in 1940
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