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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Natural diamonds taKe the earth thousands of years to produce. Now high-tech companies can synthesize them in just a few weeks.

Here's one method:

1. Methane and hydrogen gas are flowed through a chamber containing diamond-seed slivers.

2. Heat is applied, and a complex chemical reaction causes the methane to slough off its hydrogen atoms.

3. The remaining carbon deposits itself atom by atom as diamond onto the diamond seed slivers.

Useful Applications:
As production of man-made diamond grows, jewelers won't be the only ones eager to work with the vesatile gem. Already its chemical and physical features make it ideal for a number of medical and industrial applications

In Electronic Devices, diamond could help dissipate heat generated by more powerful processors and prolong their life

Diamond's combination of stiffness and lightness makes it perfect for delivering clear sound in a Tweeter

For Windows on spacecraft and Optical devices like lasers, nothing beats diamond's hardness and transparency

Cosmetic and eye surgeons rely on Diamond Blades and Scalpels for their unparalleled cutting precision.

(Sources:Apollo Diamond,Element Six,Gemological Institute of America TIMEMAG)

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