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Monday, January 01, 2007
What's the word on the street? With the help of Paul McFedries of WordSpy.com and Aaron Peckham of Urban Dictionary, we drew up a list of neologisms that got people talking in 2006.

Thanks to Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal and their celebrated screen tragedy, there's now a term to describe a union between a gay man and a straight woman or a gay married man having an affair.

CELEBUTARD n. A celebrity widely perceived as un-intelligent. We're not naming any names. Paris Hilton.

CIVIL WAR n. Not a new term, but Iraq's deteriorating "sectarian violence" - to use President George W. Bush's preferred phrase - had people asking, is it or isn't it?

FED-EX n. So long, K-Fed. The tabloids found a new name for kevin Federline after his breakup with Britney Spears.

LIQUID TERROR n. After terrorists plotted to board planes in London with liquid explosives, this term was coined for the latest suspected terrorist tactic.

MACACA n. A racial slur? A kind of monkey? Virginia Senator George Allen, who used it at a campain rally whne he spotted an Indian-American volunteer from his opponent's camp, might define it as "the end of my re-election campaign."

MCSTEAMY n. He's no McDreamy, but Grey's Anatomy's newest character, Dr. Mark Sloan, usually known by his nickname, had fans buzzing.

SEASON CREEP n. Spring seemed to come early this year - and summer lasted a bit longer. What's to blame? Most scientist say global warming.

THE DECIDER n. A self-coined sobriquest for Bush, who bestowed the label on himself when explaining his initial rejection of calls for Donald Rumsfeld to step down as Secretary pf Defense.

WIKIALITY n. Wikipedia + reality = truth based on consensus rather than fact. The growing popularity of the online encyclopedia, for which the public and edits entries, gave rise to the term.

(Source:TIMEMAG/Notebook by Carolyn Sayre)
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