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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

1. What are the chances that next year at this time, I'll feel no better?

2. What would I tell my child or my best friend if she were in my shoes?

3. What difficulty did I live through in my childhood that makes me think this problem is insurmountable?

4. Does this current challenge reveal a core weakness in me, my relationships, or my work that I am better off knowing about today when I would be five years from now?

5. When I overcome this problem, in what ways will I be stronger?

6. If I lose everything that's at stake at this moment, what do I still have of value in my life?

7. Who are the people I love most? How much time woild I dwell on my current losses if I got the news that just one of them was still very ill?

8. What do I already have in my autobiographical "bank" -- such as children I've raised, people I've helped, animals I've sheltered, or career goals I've reached -- that can never be taken away from me?

9. If I were waiting a short story or a screenplay about my life, how would I have the main character (me) turn this problem into an advantage?

10. Has this struggle taught me that someone in my life is a true friend?

(Source: GOODHOUSEKEEPING/ yourGOODlife by Keith Ablow, M.D.
posted by infraternam meam @ 12:15 AM  
  • At 12:30 AM, Blogger kiwipinay said…

    kuyang, nag-e-email ako sa yo pero 2 vezes ng bumabalik. naka block daw yung email addy ko at spam. ngek! natanggap ko na po but i need to send you that email.

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