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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
1. When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had their first biological child, in May, they named her:
a. Shiloh
b. Shamu
c. Apponmattox
d. Gia

2. People's cover photo of Brangelina and their new baby was taken in which exotic locale?
a. Namibia
b. Zambia
c. Saudi Arabia
d. Malibu

3. Were Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn engaged this year?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Only Courtney Cox really knows

4. At her wedding, what did Katie Holmes say when the minister asked if she would take Tom Cruise as her husband?
a. "Yes"
b. "I do"
c. "I will"
d. " Uh ... is it Ok to talk now, Tom?"

5. What is the meaning of "Suri", the name Tom and Katie gave their baby girl?
a. Hebrew for "Princess"
b. Latin for "Joy"
c. Sanskrit for "See, he is too heterosexual"
d. It's an acronym for "Scientology's Universal Ruler Infinitum!"

6. What prompted the Department of Child and Family Services to visit Britney Spears' home in Malibu?
a. Paris Hilton was coming to baby-sit
b. Spears drove with Sean Preston in her lap
c. Sean Preston requested reassignment to the Jolie-Pitt family
d. The nanny dropped Sean Preston on his head

7. Which communications device was not used by a star this year as a weapon?
a. Blackberry
b. Crystal-encrusted Blackberry
c. Crystal meth-encrusted Blackberry
d. Hotel telephone

8. Mayor Daley declared Oct 13 "Diddy Day". What did Diddy do to deserve a day?
a. changed his name to P. Daley
b. Included Daley campaing song on his new album
c. Contributed to AIDS research
d. Agreed never to move to Bridgeport

9.Why did Nicole Kidman's new husband, Keith Urban, enter rehab this fall?
a. Just could not sit through one more Country Music Awards show
b. Drug and alcohol abuse
c. Easier to sneak a hit in rehab where Niciole wasn't always watching him
d. Got addicted to vitamins after Tom Cruise told him they cure alcoholism

10. Which plea agreement did Mel Gibson accept for his drunk driving?
a. Perform 200 hours of community service
b. Screen "Apocalypto" to L.A. area gangs
c. Attend AA meetings for a year
d. Human sacrifice

11. Why did Lindsay Lohan want to talk to Al Gore?
a. Wanted to lead in "An Inconvenient Truth"
b. To see if Karenna will be her new BFF
c. To repair her media image
d. Wanted his endorsement for "Herbie: Fully Loaded" DVD

12. What did Ryan Phillipe tell In TOuch about why he and Reese Witherspoon are divorcing?
a. Her Oscar is so not an issue
b. She won't dress up as June Carter for him
c. Look how dumping the blond ball-and-chain boosted Nick Lachey's career
d. Reese named her production company Type A films.

(Source:CHICTRIB TEMPO by: Lucinda Hahn ctc-tempo@tribune.com)

1. (a) Shiloh
2. (a) Namibia
3. (c) only Courtney Cox really knows for sure
4. (b) "I Do"
5. (a) Hebrew for "Princess"
6. (d) the nanny dropped Sean Preston on his head
7. (c) crystal meth-encrusted Blackberry
8. (c) contributed to AIDS research
9. (b) drug abd alcohol abuse
10.(c) attend AA meetings
11.(c) to repair her media image
12.(a) her Oscar is so not an issue.
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