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Monday, March 13, 2006
It's a rate person who is thrilled about his or her worll all the time -- but if you've feeling less than satisfied with your career for a while, you might ask yourself the following questions:

** IS YOUR LIFE ENERGY so drained by your current work that you have nothing left over -- no time, energy or focus for yourself and the people or projects that matter most to you?

** ARE YOUR ENERGIES being directed in ways that donot align with your values, ethics or sense of personal integrity?

** DO YOU DOUBT that your current career will enable you to develop and give your gifts?

** DO YOU YEARN for more time with your family and friends, more time to play, commune with nature or cook a meal from scratch?

** DO YOU SENSE that your satisfaction with your career or quality of life is generated on a downward trend?

** DO YOU DAYDREAM about another career? Is there another career path or way of life that, if it were'nt for the money, you'd be tempted to pursue?

If you've said "YES", to any pf the above, you might benefit from considering some alternatives -- imcluding the possibility of a career shift. The good news is, many alternate models for professional success do exist, and degining a new model of your own may not be nearly as difficult, or as lonely, as you might think.

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