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Monday, March 13, 2006
When you're on the receiving end of criticism, it's often easy to get defensive and turn away. Instead, try a few simple techniques to help you listen and learn.

1). BREATHE. Resist the urge to fight back with a litany of reasons your criticizer is wrong -- or to start blaming yourself about all the places he or she is right.

2). REALIZE that you're not oerfect. If you made a mistake or did'nt perform up to par, react to constructive criticism with curiosity and open-mindedness -- not shame.

3). LISTEN for the deeper message. If what you're hearing makes you feel defensive, ask yourself if the feedback is intended to be helpful or hurtful. In either case, ask yourself honesty if there is a nugget of truth to what is being said.

4). REFRAME the criticism. Don't get lost in the emotions of the exchange. Listen to what is really being said, not just the way it si being delivered.

5). TAKE ACTION. Ask questions to clarify exactly what your criticizer would like to see happen. Then look for an opportunity to create a win-win agreement. If someone is rightfully angry because you failed to follow through on an agreement, ask for a "redo". The make sure you getit right the next time.

(Source: INSIGHT/EXPERIENCELIFEMAG/by: Elizabeth Larsen)
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