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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Birthplace: Everett, WA.
Originator: Joe Sutter
Hometown Now: Everett, Wa.
Date Introduced: February 9,1969
Number of Variants: 9
Maximum Number of Pax: 568(400 series)
Freighter Version Payload:285,000 lbs.
Number Made: 1,381

In one of aviation history's flukes, the most iconic airline of all time nearly did'nt happen. Originally intended as a military transport airplane, the 747 did'nt win the contract, coming second to the Lockheed C-5, Galaxy. However, Boeing was not despondent and developed the plane as a passenger jet instead. What became the "jumbo jet"was then the largest and heaviest passenger aircraft every built. The distinctive hump on its upper deck made it stand out from the crowd. The aircraft's wife, capacious body made it relatively economic to operate in terms of its high passenger-to-fuel ratio it could carry up to 600 economy passengers.

This mass transport capacity opened up the skies to millions more people. By 2005, the plance had been in service with world airlines for 35 years and was still in productions. The SP (Special Performance) vatriant of the 747 100 was a shorter by 47 feet. In March 1976, an aircraft of this type set the world non-stop flying distance record of 8,940 nautical miles.

* A 747-400 has six million parts.
* When pressurized, a 747 fuselage holds over a ton of air.
* One 747-tubrbofan engine produces more thrust than all four engines on a Boeing 707.


Bubble Wrap

Birthplace: Hawthorne, NJ
Originators: Al Fiielding and March Chavannes
Hometonw Now: Saddle Brook, NJ
Date Introduced: 1960
Today's Price: $6.85
Annual Revenue: $3.5 billion plus
Stock Exchange Symbol: SEE (Sealed Air Corporation)

Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes discovered Bubble Wrap by accident, when they were trying to develop plastic-backed wallpaper. The pair found Sealed Air and started selling the materials in 1960. The material is composed of polyethylene encapsulating air. Bubble Wrap is now produced in several varieties, and with vairous "air cell" sizes. But apart from pink, anti-static Bubble Wrap, the material remains unviersally transparent.

* Bubble Wrap starred on the cover of Playboy in July 1977, wrappinmg Farah Fawcett's assests.
* The Museum of Modern Art, New York featured Bubble Wrap in its "Humble Masterpieces" exhibition.



Birthplace: Atlanta, GA
Originator: John Stith Pemberton
Hometown Now: Atlanta, GA
Date Introduced: 1886
Spokesperson: Rhe Coca-Cola Company
Original Price: $0.05 a glass
Today's Price: Variable
Number of Products: Over 400 brands
Number Sold: 1.3 billion servings daily
Stock Exchange Symbol:COKE

Coca-Cola is probably the world's best-known taste, and was the first truly global brnad, Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia, invented the drink. He mixed the Coca-Cola syrup, which was combined with carbonated water to make a popular soda fountain drink, in the local Jacobs pharmacy. First customer who paid 5 cents a glass, pronounced ythe drink to be "excellent", delivious and refreshing.

Frank M. Robinson, suggested the product's unusual name and wrote it down in his rather florid handwriting, feeling that the "Two C's would looke well in advertising". The first ad for the drink appeared in the Atlanta Journal, and hand painted in oilcloth signs indicated which soda fountains offered the product. This was just the first step in a fantastic cooperation between the brand and advertising, which had made the trandemark universally recognized.

A continous stream of slogans have entered the colective consciousness, from "Drink Coca-Cola" in 1886, the iconic "I'd like to teach the World to Sing" television advertisment of 1971, right up to the simple assertion "Real" of todays' campaign.

From its original output of around nine drinks a day, Coca-Cola is now the world's most ubuquitous brand, serving over 1.3 billion drinks very day.


* Coca-Cola advertising helped to create the modern image of Santa Claus.
* In 1985, Coca-Cola was the first soft drink consumed in space.
* Coca-Cola has originated a range of recipes based on beverage, including French Onion soup.
* Coca-Cola appears in countless fils, including "It's a Wonderful Life "- there is a 1914 Coca-Cola soda fountain in Gower Drugs.


Converse All Star Sneakers

Birthplace: North Andover, Ma.
Originator: Marquis M. Converse
Hometown Now: North Andover, Ma
Date Introduced: 1917
Chuck Taylor Joins Company: 1921
Sales per Week: 30,000 pairs
Types of Fabric: 11
Total Sales: 580 million pairs plus

When Charles "Chuck" H. Taylor played basketball for the Akron Firestones, he appreciated the fit of a new pair of canvas shoes with high tops that he was given. In fact, he was so impressed that he toured the country promoting both basketball and the Converse range shoes. The shoes were a product of the Converse Rubber Company, founded by Marquis M. Converse in 1908. Chuck used his basketball knowledge to help improve the All Star shoes, and addes his signature to the ankel patch in 1923. Known as the "Ambassador of Basketball", Chuck's reputation was such that his endorsement of All Stars led virtually every player in the National Basketball League to wear the shoes. In World War II Chich became the fitness consultant to the U.S. Armed Forces, and the shoe became the official sports sneaker of the mobilized men. IN 1962 a new low cut versionof the "Chuck" the "Oxford", was introduced. By 1966 this was available in seven cool colors. Sadly, Chuck, died in 1969, when his beloved shoes were in the height of popularity. The All Star is now available in an array of fabrics; canvass, hemp,flanne;,leather,suede,nubuck, corduroy, denim,velvet, vinyl and even gold lame'. The shoes are now back in fashion right now, as part of the "post-pop-tart-punk" revival.

* 60percent of all Americans have owned at least one pair of Converses.
*Kurt Cobain was wearing a pair of "One Star" Converse when he died.
* The shoe is 90 years old and still in fashion.


Levi's 501s

Birthplace: San Franciso, Ca.
Originators: Levis Strauss and Jcob Davis
Hometown Now: San Francisco , Ca.
Date INtroduced: 1873
Date Patented: May 20, 1873
Original Price: $0.20
Sales Volume (2004): $4.16 billion
Main Levi Straus Brands: 3
Owners: Privately owned.

Levis Strauss (1829-1902) came to New York from his brithplace in Bavaria in 1847. Other members of his family had previously established a dry goods firm in the city, and after working alongside them for about six years, Levi moved to San Franciso, where he set up a prosperous wholesaling business selling frabrics and other merchandise. In 1873, he and one of his clients, a tailor from Nevada named Jacob W. Davis, obtained a joint patent, financed by Strauss, for a method of strengthening "a pair of pantaloons" by "having their pocket-openings secured at each end by means of rivets.... whereby the seams .... are prevented from ripping." Almost immediately, Strauss started manufacturing reinforced "waist overalls" (as they were called) to Davis specifications, eventually as working clothes, but Strauss did not live long enough to witness the gradual transformation of his company's robust denim pants, later known as "Levis", into fashionable leisure wear -- a process that probably began when Vogue magazine featured them in 1935, and was further boosted by movie stars,pop musicians, anbd other trend setters during the 50's and 60's.

* The red tab sewn into the side of the right-hand back pockets of Levis' pants made its debut in 1936.
* In 2001, Levis Strauss & Co. paid $46,532 at auction for a pair of workpants it had made in the 1880s.
* In 2004, the firm proclaimed that May 1(5/01) would henceforth be officially known as "501 Day."


Marlboro Cigarettes

US Birthplace: New York, Ny
Originator: Philip Morris
Homewtown Now: Richmond, Va
Date INtroduced: 1902
Today's Price: c. $14.95 200 carton
Number of Products: 4 varieties
Inventor of Marlboro Man: Leo Burnett Co.
Marlboro Box Designer: Frank Gianininoto
Stock Exchange Symbol: MO

The Marlboro story is one of the most fascinating marketing stories of the twentieth century, the history o a brand that went from zero to hero with a brilliant campaing tht tapped deep into the American psyche. In 1954, the Marlboro brand accounted for less than 1 percent of the total cigarette market. In fact, it had struggled so badly during the war that slogan, "Mild as May" had tainted the brand for many men. But a new advertising campaing in 1955, featuring a series of "Marlboro Men", togehter with a switch to filtered brands from orlder smokers, caused a huge %5,000 percent) upsurge in the popularity of the brand. These "Marlboro Men" included a lifeguard, a sailor, a drill sergeant, a construction worker and a gambler, and (of course) a cowboy. They were all rugged, lean, healthy outdoorsmen with a masculine dignity. "The Marlboro Man speaks for himself"

The cowboy proved to be the most popular character, and was adopted as Marlboro's sole image in 1963. By December 1975, Marlboro was the top selling brand in the world with a market worth of $32 billion. Philip Morris cigarette brand now account for 38percent of the American cigarette market. Their parent company, the Altria Group, Inc. also own Kraft, General Food, Oscar Meyer and Miller Brewing.

* English cigarett manufacturer Philip Morris originally established the brand.
* Morris opened his first tobacco shop in Bond Street, London, in 1854.
* The Marlboro brand was named for the London street where the company had its headquarters.
* The "Marlboro Man" Wayne McLarenm, died from lung cancer.
* "Marlboro Country" is one of the most widely recognized fictional landscape in the world.

(Source: Made in America by:Nick Freeth)
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