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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
McDonalds' catches it from all sides.First, in order to create pastureland to graze cattle,
they're accused of destroying the rain forests;
then they're called on the recycling carpet for their
packaging and finally somebody started the rumor that
they use worms for filler.

At the same time, McDonalds' runs the extraordinary
Ronald McDonald House, agrressively cleans up its neigborhood
streets, and frequently provides free food at the site of
natural disasters.

But the false rumor about the worms haunted "Mickey D's"
since the mid-1970s, though it definitely crawled into the
public consicousness in late 1978. That's when McDonald's
officials decided to hold a press conference with the
U.S. Department of Agriculture to denounce gossip that
they were using ground-up worms as filler in their meal products.

The issue was buried decisively in 1992 when Ray Kroc,
who bought the businsess from Mac and Dick McDonald in 1955,
explained that hamburger costs $1.50 per pound and worms costs
$6.00 per pound. Instantly acknowledging Micke D's parsimony,
the public finally believed them and the rumor went away decisively.

The only remaining question is why McDonald's, of all places,
could'nt get a better price for hamburger in 1992 that $1.50 per pound!

(Note: McDonald's refused formal requests to comment on these stories)

(Source: Abstracted from : EVERYTHING TALL TALES BOOK by: Nat Segaloff)
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