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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Internet hoaxes don't have horns or stripes. However, if you see a forwarded message and it contains more than three of the following items, you should probably delete it and go about your business:

1). It says "pass this on to a friend".

2). It says "this is real" but offers no documentation.

3). It uses a lot of technical terms.

4). It contains misspellings and bad grammar (confusing its and it's is a dead giveaway).

5). It tries to be coy by vagule mentioning "the government" or "a giant coprporation" without naming either.

6). It has links to other pleople's Web sites.

7). It drops names of companies like AOL and Microsoft that are not in the virues detection business.

8). The threats described in the message defy logic.

9). It tells you to forward it to everybody you know.

10).You haven't seen it corroborated by other media.

(Source: Abstracted from "Everything Tall Tales Book" by: Nat Segaloff)
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