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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
1.-- Ass Glue (blood tonic from donkey parts; China)

2.-- Blue Peter (canned fish; Norway)

3.-- Colon Plus (liquid detergent; Spain)

4.-- Fockink (liquer; the Netherlands)

5.-- Green Piles (lawn fertilizer; Japan)

6.-- HOMO SAUSAGE (beef jerky; Japan)

7.-- Hornyphon (video recorder; Austria)

8.-- Krapp (toilet paper; Sweden)

9.-- Last Climax (paper tissues;Japan)

10.- Mucos (soft drink; Japan)

11.- Pansy (men's underwear; China)

12.- Pipi (orangeade; Yugoslavia)

13.- Plopp (chocolate bar; Sweden)

14.- Polio (detergent; Czechoslovakia)

15.- Pshitt (soft drinks; France)

16.- Sitto (hot spiced pepper sauce; Ghana)

17.- Skinababe (baby cleanser;Japan)

18.- Superglans (car wax; the Netherlands)

19.- Trim Pecker (trousers; Japan)

20.- Zit (lemon lime soft drink; Greece)

(Source: The following was compiled by Charles Brymer of International Corporation (14 E. 60th st. NY/NY 10022) and by Reinhold Aman, the edictor of Maledicta, the irregular "Journal of Verbal Aggression (P.O. box 14123, Santa Rosa, Ca 95402-6123)
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