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Monday, February 13, 2006
SONG OF SONGS (1:1-1:6)

The most beautiful of songs, by Solomon

The Woman

Your lipes cover me with kisses;
yourlove is better than mine.

There is frangrance about you;
the sound of your name
recalls it.

No womam could keep from
Loving you.

Take me with you, and we'll run
by my king and takeme to your

We will be happy together,
drink deep, and lose ourselves in

No wonder all women love

Women of Jerusalem, I am dark
but beautiful,
dark as teh desert tents of
but beautiful as the draperies in
Solomon's palace.

Don't look down on me of
My color,
because the sun has tanned me.

My brothers were angry with me
and made me work in the

I had no time to care for myself.

SONG OF SONGS (1:7-2:7)

The Man

Tell me, my love
Where will you lead your flock
to graze?

Where will they rest from the
noonday sun?
Why should I need to look for you
among the flocks of the other

Don't you know the place,
loveliest of women?
Go and follow the flock;
find pasture for your goats
near the tents of the shepherds.

You, my love, excite men
as a mare excites the stallions of
Pharoah's chariots.

Your hair is beautiful upon your
and falls along your neck like

But we will make for you a chain
of gold
with ornaments of silver.

The Woman

My king was lying on his couch,
and my perfume filled the air
with fragrance.

My lover has the scent of myrrh
as he lies upon my breasts.

My lvoer is like the wild flowers
that bloom in the vineyards at

The Man

How beautiful you are, my love;
how your eyes shine with love!

The Woman

How handsome you are, my
how you delight me!

The green grass will be our bed;
the cedars will be the beams of
our house.

And the cypress trees the ceiling.
I am only a wild flower in the Sharon,
a lily in amountain valley.

The Man

Like a lily among the thorns
is my darling among women.

The Woman

Like an apple tree among the trees
of the forest
so is my dearest compared to
other men.

I love to sit in its shadow,
and its fruit is sweet to my taste.

He brought me to his banquet hall
and raised the banner of love
over me.

Restore my strength with raisins
and refresh me with apples!
I am weak from passion.

He left hand is under my head,
and his right hand caresses me.

Promise me, women of Jerusalem;
swear by the swift deer and the
that you will not interrupt our
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