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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Anchiovies, caviar, oysters, peaches, truffles and chocolate have all been considered Aaphrodisiacs at one time or another, but many of these so called aphrodisiacs were based on folklore and not in fact.

AN APROHRODISIAC IS USUALLY AN AGENT, WHICH CAN EVOKE OR STIMULATE THE AROUSAL OF SEXUAL DESIRE. The name originated from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. An Aphrodisiac can be any food, drink, drug, scent or device that can arouse or increase sexual desire or libido.

If you look hard enough, you will find that almost anything is considered an Aphrodisiac by one person or another. Anchovies, caviar, oyster, peaches, truffles and chocolate have all been considered Aphrodisiac at one time or the another.

In 1989, the Food and Drug Administration declared that many of these so-called Aphrodisiacs were based in folklore and not in fact. The agency declared there is no scientific proof most of the commonly named Aphrodisiacs worked to enhance sexual stimulation. So then, why are some of these foods considered to be such sexual stimulatns? Simply put, they have developed an aura of their own. An aura that evokes exoticism, mystery and sexuality.

Chilies and spicy foods have long been viewed as Aphrodisiacs, because their physiological effects - a raised heart rate and occasional sweating - are similar to the physical reaction sometimes experienced during sexual intercourse.

Similarly, chocolate is considered a powerful Aphrodisiac that stimulate the nervouse system, and heightens a person's mood and energy level.

Not all Aphrodisiacs can be considered as benign and pleasurebale as a good curry or chocolate souffle'. One of the most infamous Aphrodisiac is the Spanish fly, which is the popular name for Cantharides. Made from dried beetle remains, the sexual excitement from ingesting Cantharides comes from the irritation to the urogenital tract from this compound, and the resulting rush of blood to the inflamed area. If medical help is not available, ingestion of Cantharides can lead to sacrring of the urogenital system and even death.

If you are feeling like you want to experiment and see if a particular food or product Aphrodisiacs can be an untapped source of romance, love and good sex -- but stick to foods and items familiar to you. The most successful path to good sex is a healthy attitude and body.

(Source: CHICHEALTHMAG by: Rose Kyler, MD)
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