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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
BONA FIDE(BOH-na-FIDE or BOH-na-FIE-deh): Done or made "in good faith", sincere, genuine.

CASUS BELLI(KAH-sus-BELL-ee):"Occasion of War". An event that justifies or precipitates war.

CUI BONO (KWEE-BOH-noh): "For whome (is it) good!". Question first posed by r Roman magistrate to make the point that one way to approach a crime is to determine who stood to gain from it. Oftern wrongly used to mean "For what purpose?"

DE FACT0 (deh-FAK-toh): "From the fact". In reality; actual; actually in power. A de facto government is not formally elected or installed, but is firmly in control.

DE JURE(deh-YOO-reh)"From the law". According to law,; in principle. A de jure government is duly elected and installed, but exercises no real power.

EX POST FACTO (EKS-post-FAK-toh): "From what is done afterwards". Formulated, enacted, or operating retroactively.

IN MEDIAS RES (in-MAY-dee-ahs-RACE): "Into the midst of things" Into the middle of a story or narrative; without background or preamble.

MEMENTO MORI (Meh-MEN-toh-MOR-ee)"Remember you must die". A reminder or warning of death; a death's head.

MUTATIS MUTANDIS (moo-TAH-tees-moo-TAHN-dees)"The things that ought tohave been changed having been changed." With the necessary substitutions having been made, the indicated variances considered.

OBITER DICTUM(OH-buh-ter-DIK-tum): "Thing said by the way", any incidental or parenthethical remark. In law, something the judge says in arguing a point, but that has no bearing on his decision. Plural: Obiter dicta.

NE PLUS ULTRA(nay-ploos-UL-trah):"not further beyond" .A farthest point, a highest pitch, a culmination; an impassable obstacle, and , implicitly, a suggestion to stay put or, better yet, turn back.

PARI PASSU (PAH-ree-PAH-see):"With equal pace". Simultaneously, equally, proceeding alongside.

PERSONA NON GRATA (per-SOH-na-nohn-GRAH-ta)"Person not pleasing". Someone unacceptable within a given context.

QUID PRO QUO (Kwid-proh-KWOH):"Something for something". a compensation, an even excahgne; tit for tat.

SINE QUA NON (sin-neh-kwah-NOHN):"Without which not". The indispensable element, condition, or quality.

SUB ROSA (sub-ROH-sah): "Under the rose"

CORPUS DELICTI (kor-PUS-de-lik-TEE): "The body of the crime". Tangible evidence of wrongdoing, including the body of a murder victim.

HABEAS CORPUS (hay-BEE-as-kor-PUS) "You have the body". a writ requiring that a person being detained be brought before a judege; meant to guard against unfair imprisonment, and constituting one of the most celebrated features in both British and the Amercian legal systems.

NOLLE PROSEQUI (NOL-leh-proh-SEK-wee) "To not wish to proceed". Statement that the prosecution does'nt want to pursue matters further; the writ ending court proceedings.

NOLO COTENDERE (NOH-loh-kon-TEN-der-eh) "I don't want to fight". Plea made by a defendant that's equivalent to an admission of guilt, but that allows him the legal option of denying the charges later.

DE PROFUNDIS (deh-pro-FUN-dees) "Out of the depths" of sorrow and despair, the first two words of Psalms 130. An especially bitter cry of wretchedness.

ECCE HOMO (ek-keh-HOH-moh)"Behold the man", the words first spoken by Pilate (John 19:5) when he showed Jesus, crowned with thorns to the mob.

NOLI ME TANGERE (NOH-lee-meh-TAN-geh-reh) "Touch me not", the words spoken by Jesus to Mary Magdalen.

NUNC DIMITTIS (nunk-deh-MIT-us)"Now lettest Thou thy servant depart, the words Simeon speaks to Jesus, satisfied that he'd finally seen the Mesiah.

(Source: from the book AN INCOMPLETE EDUCATION by Judy Jones and William Wilson)
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