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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sorry boring old cell phone. A new year means new ideas and invetnions. And we'll see pltney of cool gadgets hitting store shelves in 2006. So what technologically advanced things can kids expect to see?

Camera phones are predicted to become even more popular. And Scott Smith of ThinkGeek.com, an online gadget store, thinks camera phones will spark new blogging trend.

"People are creating blogs with camera phone picture, just documenting their daily lives becase they basically have a camera with them every day", Smith says.

While many people will leave their Palm Pilots behind, Smith says Palms are out if they don't have an internet connection. Speaking of upgrades one that is expected in 2006 is the PlayStation 3, due out in the spring. "That's going to be huge." Smith says.

New gaming systems usually have more advanced graphics, realism and options, he adds. The new vide iPod also is an improvement on the older player, but Smith says it's too soon to know whether the video version will be popular.

What else can you look forward to in 2006? Here are some new technologies that may make kids lives easire or more entertaining.

FLEET FOOTED: Starting Feb 1, kids can pick up a combo pack of shoes from Converse that includes the new WADE sneaker. The WADE has the right rubber for indoors and out. No need to jeep an extra set of gym shoes in the locker, the WADE, the first of its kind, can handle courts and cement. The combo pack also will include the Pro Leather, low cut street sneaker. The pack ($175) will be on sale at stores such as Footlocker, Finish Line, Footaction and Champ,s

WALK AND WATCH: Philips this month will start selling a traveling DVD player, the PET230. This portable player is the size of a Discman and has 3 1/2 inch screen. That means you can watch your favorite movies on the shcool bus or during long car rides. Better yet, you can sneal away to your room for some quiet movie time without annoying sibling interruptions. The player will sell $129 at electronics stores and at www.phillipsusa.com.

MINI MEMORIES: You can pack away the old platic key chains, because a new, high tech version soon will be available. The new Digital Photo Key chain lets kids download their favorite photos onto a square key chain that has a 1 inch sacreen. With about 512 KB of memory, the key chain can hold up to 56 pictures and has a back light. It will be available for $50 at Brookstone stores and online at www.Brookstore.com.

MOBILE MEDIA CENTERS: Another cool product slated for release isn January is the Zen Vision: M by Creative Labs, Kid can watch movies and listen to music on this MP3 player upgrade that holds up to 120 hrs. of movies and 15,000 songs. It even has an FM radio, a voice recorder and a personal organizer. The alarm clock feature lets kids pick up a fave tune as their wake up song. And the rechargeable battery can last through 14 hours of music or 4 hours of movies. Zen Vision M (329.99) will come in five colors and can be found at electronic stores and at www.us.creative.com.

SONGS FOR YOUR SIBS: This product, out late this month, brings music to younger kids. Do you freak when your little bro or sis touches your MP3 or CD player? give them a way to enjoy their own music with the Star Station On-the-Go Player. Thus is the portable version of the Star Station Entertainment System, and lets kids listen to 75 Kidz Bop Songs on kid size headphone ($19.96, at toy stores)

SURE SHOTS: Not much of a photographer? Thge Sony Cyber Shot Dsc-T9, whcih will hit shelves in January, makes it foolproof, to take clear, realistic looking pictures. With 6 megapixels, this digital camera reduces blurriness and fixes problems that come from low light. At $450, the Cyber Shot may be a bit costly for most kids, but the camera has a 2 1/2 inch screen and can hold 240 shots per charge.At Sony retail stores and www.sonystyle.com.

DOWN TO THE WIRE: In May, kids can buy wired backpacks and jackets from Jansport. The Live Wire line will let you carry your cell phone or MP# palyer inside your backpack and control the device with a panel on your jacket sleeve or backpack strap. You'll even be safe to pause the MP3 in case you meet up with someone and want to chat. (under $200, check out www.jansport.com for store locations)

(Source:CHICTRIB by/ Emilie LeBeau )
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