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Saturday, January 07, 2006
MONTREAL -- Is nothing sacred in Quebec anymore? The answer may lie on the grocery store shelves of the Canadian province, next to the chips and pretzels.

That's where shoppers can pick up an increasingly popular snack: communion wafers and sheets of communion bread.

"They melt in your mouth, and they're not fattening, so it's better than junk food," said Francoise Laporte, a 71 year old grandmother.

Gaston Bonneau, one of the two major commercial producers in Quebec, says his business has grown to 16 employees. He notes that his wafers and sheets of "host cuttings" are'nt sacred -- they have'nt been consecrated by a priest or a minister.

The conversion of a communion wafer into a snack is not entirely surprising in a province that has turned its back on religious practice. In Montreal, churches are being refitted as condominiums and religious statuettes are sold as home decor items in antique shops.

"People are snacking on hosts and host pieces like it's candy. They're not distinguishing hetween the body of Christ and something you nibble at home", said Francois Trudel, a former Catholic missionary.

(Source: Scripps Howard News Service)
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