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Saturday, October 15, 2005
*** 27 Years in prison Syrian-born Imad Yarkas was sentenced to by a Madrid court for conspiracy In Europe's biggest trial of al-Qaeda suspects conncected to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

*** 74,325 Years in prison prosecutors had sought for Yarkas- 25 years for each of the 2,973 people killed in the attacks-who was cleared of the charge of being an accomplice.

*** USD 236 Million Amount FEMA of USA agreed to pay Carnival Cruise Line to house Katrina evacuees for six months in three ships, now half empty.

*** USD2,550 Average cost per person a week, based on the ship's currecnt occupancy rate, accoring to Senator's Barack Obama and Tom Coburn.

*** USD599 Pirce Carnival normally charges per person for a seven day western Carribean cruise from Galveston, Texas.

*** USD1.89 Million Amount Moses Bittok, an immigrant from Kenya, who won last weeks in Iowa's Hot Lotto game.
Just one Day being a U.S. citizen before winning the lottery, the prison guard guard will receive 25 annual payments of USD52,920 after taxes.

(abstracted from TIMEMAG)
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