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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
The Nine Orders of Angels.
According to medieval theology, there are nine orders of spiritual beings. These orders correspond to the three circle of heaven. From the highest order to the lowest, the nine orders of angels are:

1. Seraphim
2. Cherubim
3. Thrones
4. Dominions
5. Virtues
6. Powers
7. Principalities
8. Archangels
9. Angels

The Seven Cannonical Hours.
In accordance with the scriptures, there are seven hours or offices of specialized prayer designated by cannonical law: "Seven times a day do I praise thee, because of thy righteous judgements" (Psalms 119:164) These seven hours are:

1. Matins and lauds
2. Prime
3. Tierce
4. Sext
5. Nones
6. Vespers
7. Compline

The Seven Deadly Sins.
Also known as the cardinal sins, the seven deadly sins are serious moral offenses that can cause death of the soul. They are:

1. Pride
2. Lust
3. Glutony
4. Anger
5. Envy
6. Sloth
7. Covetousness

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism.
The Dharma, or doctrine , that the Buddha taught is summed up in these Four Noble Truths:

1. Life is filled with dissatisfaction and suffering.
2. Craving and ignorant desire is the origin of suffering.
3. The creation of suffering is possible through the creation of craving.
4. The way to cease suffering is through the Noble Eightfold.

The Four Perfect Women of Islam.
Acoording to Mohammed, there were four perfect women:

1. Asia, wife of Pharoah, who raised Moses.
2. Mary, daughter of Imram.
3. Khadijah, Mohammed's first wife.
4. Fatima, Mohammed's daughter.

The Five Duties of a Moslem.
These duties are required of every Moslem person:

1. Profession of faith (repeating the creed daily)
2. Prayer five times a day, at designated times. facing Mecca.
3. Alms giving to the poor.
4. Fasting from dawn to dusk each day during the month of Ramadan.
5. Pilgrimage to Mecca once in your lifetime.

The Seven Compartments of Hell accoring to Islam.
In the Islamic faith, there are seven compartments to Hell, each holding a particular group of sinners:

1. Moslems
2. Jews
3. Christians
4. Sabians
5. Magians
6. Idolaters
7. Hypocrites

The Seven Forbidden Names of God.
In some Jewish traditions there are seven biblical divine names used to designate God that are ineffable, that is, they may not be pronounced. These seven names are:

1. Adonai
2. El
3. Elohim
4. "I am that I am" (Exodus 3:14)
5. Shaddai
7. Zeba'ot

The Tetragrammaton.
The tetragrammaton are the four Hebrew letters that form the name of God, translated as YHVH:

1. Yod
2. Hey
3. Vav
4. Hey

(abstracted from the book: "Numerical Lists You Never Knew or Once Knew and Probably forgot" by: John Boswell and Dan Starer)
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