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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Three Drinking Danger Signals:

*** You get mad when your consumption is criticized.

*** You drink in the morning.

*** You black out when you imbibe.

Source: National Institute of Health.

Booze Myth Busters:
Test you alcohol IQ with this quiz.

1)...True____ False ____Bear before lifquor, never felt sicker. Liquor before beer and you're in the clear.

2)...True____ False ____The cheaper the liquor, the worse your hangover will be.

3)...True____ False ____For women, Alcohol affects you differently at various stages of your menstrual period.

4)...True____ False ____Sweet cocktails get you sloshed faster because the sugar makes the drink stronger.

5)...True____ False ____Coffe helps sober you up.

6)...True____ False ____The best hangover cure is a hair of the dog that bit you.


1). False. It's the total amount of alcohol you consume, not the order in which you drink it.

2). TrueYou are less likely to be affected by additives or impurities, but you can still get a hangover.

3). False.There is no scientific evidence that will back this up.

4). False. The sweet stuff does not chemically alter alcohol's potency, although you might be tempted to drink more of the tastier intoxicants.

5). False.A cup or a pot of coffee will just make you awake-- but you will still be drunk.

6). False. Drinking bloody mary in the morning, may make you fell better for a bit, after drinking in the evening, but it will wear off and may make you feel worse again.

Source: Jeff Weise, MD.Associate Professor of Medicine at Tulane Unviersity Health Sciences Center.
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