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Monday, March 07, 2005
The trademark Philippine smile has weathered
back-to-back calamities, immense external debt,
poverty, loss of job, credit downgrades and
other onslaughts,yet it continues to shine through.

Problems notwithstanding, Filipinos have been rated
as among the happiest people in the world and to be
considered the happiest Asians to boot.

This conclusion was based on a study among the people
of 50 countries by the World Values Survey.

In the survey, Filipinos placed sixth among the happiest
nations, with Filipinos saying they are "very happy about
their lifestyles".

Venezuelans came out the happiest with a rating og 55 percent,
followed by Nigerians with 45 percent, Irish and Icelanders
with 42 percent each and the the Dutch with 40 percent.

Filipinos posted a 40 percent happiness rating in the survey,
followed by Australians. Americans and Turkey with 39 percent
each and the Swiss with 38 percent.

Of the 50 countries surveyed, the Philippines is the only
Asian among the top 10 happiest nation.

The World Values Survey researchers also described the desire
by material goods as " a happiness suppressant".

The exception to this observation is Denmark, where people
have become satisfied with life over the last three decades.

The least happy people seem to be concentrated in Eastern Europe,
Bulgarians has a happiness rating of seven percent, the Armenians,
Romanians and Russians reported six percent each, The Ukranians
and Belarussians had five percent each, native of Moldovia,
Lithuania and Estonia were four percent each, the Latvians surveyed
reported a rating of only three percent.

(abstracted from the Phil. Star/Feb. '05
as sent by a friend)
posted by infraternam meam @ 11:27 PM  
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