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Saturday, February 26, 2005
Meet 10 men with hardly any
notches on their bedposts.

(Meaning to say, still a Virgin)

1.. Isaac Newton
The mathematician was purportedly hit by
an apple, marking the only time in his life
he got nailed.

2.. Friedrch Nietzsche
The philosopher apparently died of syphillis...
contracted via a medical infection.

3.. Lewis Carroll
The author of the beloved children's
classic Alice in Wonderland died
a Virgin.

4.. Hans Christian Andersen
The author of the beloved children classis
The Ugly Ducklingdied a

5.. J.M. Barrie
The author of the beloved children's classic
Peter Pan also died a Virgin.

6.. Beethoven
Everyone's favorite deaf composer didn't
seal the deal with the ladies.

7.. Adolf Hitler
His obsession with purity also applied to
nonracial matters.

8.. Andy Warhol
Mr. 15 minutes of Fame chose to devote himself
to his art,(painting soup cans)

9.. Morrissey
The sad singer said he was celibate,
but adds it now applies "only on Christmas
andbank holidays.

10. Clay Aiken
Yep, the American Idol. Which is a shame,
'cuz he could get more chicks than any
man since, Liberace.

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