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Thursday, March 10, 2005
Royal nuptials insult her memory, fans say.

Like the onslaught of mourners after Princess Diana's death in 1997, members of the Diana Circle plan to place flowers at her former London home April 8-- Prince Charles' scheduled wedding day.

LONDON ---Their archenemy is the woman they call "Cowmilla", their icon the late Princess Diana.

So it goes without saying that the Diana Circle-- a group of fans who have vowed to preserve the princess memory -- disapproves of the impending nuptials of heir to the throne Prince Charles and his longtime companion, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Instead, they will mark the wedding day -- April 8-- by laying flowers outside Kensington Palace, the late Princess London home.

"Those who can't make it will display pictures of the princess in their windows", co-founder Joan Berry said Monday. "We are determined that Diana will not be forgotten".

On its web site, which bears the slogan, "Keeping Her Memory Alive", the Diana Circle promises to use its "combined strength" to promote Diana's image.

"The Diana Circle UK is non political but beleives Diana had a raw deal in life and also in death", it says.

The group has fired off angry letters to Queen Elizabeth II, to Archibishop of Canterbury Rowland Williams and, according to some reports, has lodged a complaint against the marriage with the registrar general.

The Diana Circle was founded Aug. 31,2001, the fourth anniversay of Diana's death in a Paris car crash. Berry says about 1,000 people have contributed funds or helped in other ways.

In its letter to the queen, the Diana Circle protested the monarch decision to approve the marriage.

"This is not a time for rejoicing but for sadness," the letter read."If the marriage is allowed to proceed there is no doubt the monarchy will suffer damage and unpopularity never seen before... How can you permit such a disservice and unpopular occasion to take place?" Buckingham Palace refused to comment.

Lord Carey, Williams' predecessor as archbishop, on Sunday urged Britons to "get behind" the marriage,saying it is important to have "stable relationship" at the heart of the monarchy.

To Diana loyalists, the only issues is the pain they believe their heroine suffered.

"If Charles wants to marry Camilla, that's fine, but he must give up his claim to the throne", said Eva Bogdan, a data administrator from Barking, east of London and member of the Diana Circle.

"He and Camilla have broken two other marriages. They used Diana and then ditched her. It's not right."

(abstracted from CHICTRIB/WORLD/Associated Press by: Sue Leeman)
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