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Sunday, October 17, 2004
SIX TO BE TRIED FOR THONG INCIDENT.....from the Associated Press
PHILADELPHIA -- The American Civil Liberties Union is
defending six men who wee arrested during one of President
Bush's visits to Pennsylvania because they stripped down
to thong underwear and formed a human pyramid to protest
the Abu Gharib prison scandal in Itaq.

The six were hauled away by police and charged with
disorderly conduct on July 8, shortly after piling atop
each other at the side of a road carrying Bush's
motorcade in Lancaster County.

The men said they were trying to shame the president
by recreating an image of naked prisoner forced to
assume a similar positions by U.S. soldiers.

They weren't breaking any laws and should have been
left alone, said Paul Knudsen, and ACLU attorney.
"The first Amendment protects many types of speech",
she said. "What the defendants did in this case
was clearly protected by the First Amendment, even
though soem people found it offensie

The six are scheduled to go before a district
justice on the Charges monday.
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