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Friday, October 15, 2004
STROKE FACTS....(The American Stroke Association)
*** Each year, about 700,000 Americans
have a new or recurrent stroke.
About 500,000 o these are new.

*** One third to one half are estimated
to be caused by carotid artery blockage.

*** Eighty percent are "ischemic"
meaning that blood flow to the brain is blocked,
typically by plaque or clots, 12 percent
are "hemorrhagic", involving a burst
aneurysm or artery in or near the brain.

*** In a recent study, more than 1.1 million
American adults had difficulty functioning
in activities including daily living because
of strokes.

*** The estimated direct and indirect costs of
stroke in 2004 is $53.6 billion.

*** Number of strokes per 100,000 perople per year
are 167 for white men, 138 for white women,
323 for African American men and 260 for African
American women.

*** Sometimes trokes are preceeded by ministrokes
called "transient ishemic attacks".
Symptoms can include sudden blindness in one eye,
loss of sensations on one side of the body,
paralysis on one side of body, paralysis on one
side or in an arm or leg, slurred speech, dizziness
and difficulty in thinking of or saying the
appropriate word.
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