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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
GRAY MATTERS....a test to determine your INTELLIGENCE
(Developed by Dr. Gary R. Gruber(www.GruberTestPrep.com) is designed to predict your itnelligence. just remember: Creative people look outside the realm of normal thinkin to solve problems. answer is at the bottom of this blog.)

1.. Put these statements in order:
a.) The ship stopped to anchor in Commander Bay.
b.) A boy awoke and saw a sea lion.
c.) A body went ashore and napped in a meadow.
d.) A boy did not tell what he had seen.
e.) A boy got a job on a ship.

2.. Suppose a bird is standing in a closed box that is resting on a scale. When the bird flies in the box, does the scale read the same, more or less than when the bird is resting?

3.. You are compenting in a race and overtake the last runner. In which position are you now?
a.) last
b.) second to last
c.) third to last
d.) cannot be determined unless the number of runners is known
e.) cannot be determined because this is an ambiguous question.

4.. In 20 seconds or less, determine which is greater:
a.) 410/963 - 208/962
b.) 202/962

5..Complete the analogy:
a.) sheep : wool
b.) butterfly : wood
c.) puncture : tire
e.) termite : house

6..Assuming the statement "Only the good die young" is true, we can infer which of the following?
a.) No good person lives to an old age.
b.) Anyone who lives to an old age must be bad.
c.) Only bad people die young.
d.) All bad people die old.
e.) Some bad people dies young.

7..Harry owes Sam $30.00 Same owes Phil $20.00 Phile owes Harry $50.00 Which of the following will settle the debts?
a.) Harry could give Phil $50.00
b.) Sam could give Phil $20.00 and Harry could give Sam $40.00
c.) Harry could give Phil $20.00 nd Sam could give Phil $10.00
d.) Sam and Phil could give Harry $50.00 total
c.) Phil could give Harry $20.00 and could give Sam $20.00

8..If nobody loves nobody, which of the follwing must be true?
I. Everydbody loves somebody.
II. Somebody loves somebody.
III.Nobody loves anybody.
a.) I only
b.) II only
c.) III only
d.) I and II only
c.) II and III only

9..Solve this in 30 seconds or less.
The following are dimensions of five rectangular boxes. Which box has a volume different from the other four?
a.) 5 by 8 by 12
b.) 15 by 16 by 2
c.) 3 by 32 by 5
d.) 3 by 4 by 40
e.) 2 by 6 by 36

10..A clothing store offers successive discounts of 30 percent and 10 percent on a sweater. The equivalent single dicount would be
a.) 34 percent
b.) 36 percent
c.) 37 percent
d.) 38 percent
e.) 40 percent

11..Anle AED is 90 degrees, angle BED is 40 degrees, and angle AEC is 75 degrees. What measure is angle BEC?

12..In 10 seconds and without a calculator, determine whether 999 x 1001 is greater than, less than, or equal to 1000 x 1000.

answers:1.e, a, c, b, d 2.When the bird flies, it pushes down on the air which pushes down on the scale. The scale reads the same.3.e. How can you overtake the person who is last? 4. b.202/962 is greater. Add 208/962 to both quantities and compare. 5.e. Create a sentence expressing a specific relationship between the capitalized words. 6. d 7.e 8.d 9.e, Don't multiply. All choices are divisible by 5 except e 10.c. The equivalent single discount is less than the sum of the discounts. 11.25 degrees. 12. 999 x 1001 is just 1 less than 1000 x 1000. Write 999 x 1001 as (1000-1)x (1000 + 1) and you'll find it's equal to 1000 x 1000 - 1.
SCORE: I right =IQ of 100-110,average; 2-4 + 120, above average;5-6 =130, smart; 10-11=150, near genius 12=160, genius
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