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Monday, October 04, 2004
GOT BRAINS?....this test developed by Dr. Gary R.Gruber, is designed to predict intelligence(www.drgarygruber.com)
There is no time limit for each of these test questions. DON'T CHEAT. THE ANSWERS ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS BLOG

1. Suppose I have 40 blue socks and 40 brown socks in a drwaer. If I reach into the drawer without looking atthe socks, what is the sma;;est number of socks I must take out to make sure that I have a pair of socks of the same color?

a.) 2
b.) 3
c.) 4
d.) 40
c.) 41

2. What day follows the day before yesterday if two days from now will be Sunday?

3. Complete the analogy:

a.) notes is to composer
b.) sound is to musical instrument
c.) drwaing is to crayon
d.) furniture is to carpentry tools
c.) symphony is to piano

4. What is thenext number in the following: 0 0 1 2 2 4 3 6 4 8 5 ....

a.) 6
b.) 8
c.) 10
d.) 12
e.) 14

5. Complete the analogy:

A.) Jonas Salk is to polio vaccine
b.) Abraham Lincoln is to emancipation
c.) Thomas Edison is to light bulb
d.) Thomas Jefferson is to Constitution
e.) John Hancock is to signature

6. A triangle has side of lengths A, B, and C, Which is True?

a.) C minus B is always greater than A.
b.) C minus B is always less than A.
c.) C minus B is always equal to A.
d.) None of the above comparions can be made between C minus B and A.

7. The folllowing characteristics apply to a gropu of people in a room: Fourteen are blonds, eight are blue eyed and two are neither blonde nor blue eyed. If five of the people are blue eyed blonds, how many people are in the room?

a.) 3
b.) 17
c.) 19
d.) 24
e.) 29

8. Suppose you have a 12 hour digital clock where the number representing the hour is always the same as the number representing the minute. That is, the clock can only show times like 8:08, 9:09, 10:10 etc. What is the smallest time difference between two such times?

a.) 101 minutes
b.) 61 minutes
c.) 60 minutes
d.) 49 minutes
e.) 11 minutes

9. A square ABCD is inscribed in a quarter circle where B is on the circumference of the circle and D is the center of the circle. What is the legnth of diagonal AC of the square if the circle's radius is 5?

a.) 3
b.) 4
c.) 5
d.) 6
e.) the length cannot be determined.

10. A ship is twice as old as the ship's boiler when the ship was as old as the boiler is. The ratio of the boiler's age now to the ship's age now is:

a.) 2:3
b.) 3:4
c.) 4:5
d.) 5:6
e.) 6:7

11. 50 x 50 x 50 x... (where there are a hundred 50s) is how many times 100 x 100 x 100 x...(where there are fifty 100s)?

a.) 25 x 25 25 x....(where there are fifty 25s)
b.) 4 x 4 x 4 x.....(where there are fifty 4s)
c.) 2 x 2 x 2 x ....(where there are fifty 2s)
d.) 1 time
e.) none of these answers is correct.

12. A triangle ABC has sides AB and AC whose lenghts are equal. Suppose there is aline from C to side Ab called CD and a line from B to side AC called Be. Now suppose there is a line ED. If angle EBC is 60 degrees,a ndgle BCD is 70 degrees, angle ABE is w0 degrees,and angle DCE is 10 degrees, how many degrees is andle EDC? (do this problem geometrically to get an exact answer.)

a.) 10
b.) 15
c.) 20
d.) 25
e.) none of these answers is correct.

ANSWERS1. B (If you get only two socks, they could be different colors, but getting three guarantees that you will have a pair) 2. Thursday (the key is to realize that "now" must be Friday) 3. D (Put Music and Violin in a sentence relating the two words.) 4. C (There are two alternating sequences) 5. E (Look at what is superficial and what is not) 6.B (Add the same thing to both sides.) 7. C Use a Venn Diagram) 8.
(The times closest to one another are 12:12 and 1:01) 9. C (Draw line to see that BD is a radius of the circle. The two diagonals of a square will have the same lenght.) 10. B (Translate words to math.) 12. C (Draw and extend lines, Hint: Draw teh traingle as close to scale as possible.)

I right = IQ of 100 - 110, Average
2 - 4 = 120, Above Average
5 - 6 = 130, Very Smart
7 - 8 = 140, Very Very Smart to Near Genius
9 - 1 = 150, Genius
11- 160 = Genius Plus
12- 170+ Super Genius
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