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Thursday, July 08, 2004
There are many things in life that have come and gone to our family. We have our trials and there is nothing close to the trials that we are now having because of my youngest brother's illness. The doctors have opened up his tumor but was not able to removed it, because it will easily end my kid brothers life.

Last sunday 04 of July, my eldest sister broke the news to my father regarding the state of my kid brothers health. It was so devastating for him. The family doctor was present when the news was given to my father for fear he might have a heart attack. My father had a quadruple bypass. I just talked to my youngest sister just now on the fon from the Phils. and she told me that our father has taken it so seriously. So our family doctor is contineoulsy monitoring my father and his heart.

My kid brother has now undergone again series of chemo theraphy. The doctors have advised my family back home, that they will do all possible to prolong his life and less pain and agony for him. A new bedroom has been re-arranged and been re-configured for him at our parents house so that he will always be close to our parents, as ordered by my father. new hospital bed and all the provisions has been installed and made for him, to make him comfortable as much as possible. His family is also in the same house in another room to be close at hand anytime.

I lament and I am in tears for him. He does not deserve this. He has been given two kids that is autistic and he never complained about it. Now---- we were told by the doctors, that it is now his COMFORT that they are attending to--- no longer the avenue of saving him.

I cannot go further on with this entry.
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