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Saturday, January 19, 2008
When it comes to turkey consumed per person, Israel leads the world; just over 34 pounds a year. "And we don't even have Thanksgiving!", says a consulate spokeswoman. Israel brought the birds over from the U.S. in the 195s. In a country where red meat is expensive and pork is not kosher, turkeys provide a lot of ways. Jerusalem food writer Barabara Sofer has seen turkey schnitzel and kebabs and even turkey carved up to look like lamb chops. An avian flu outbreak last year did not dissuade the turkey-eating public.

But the U.S. is not turkey slouch, raising 272 million gobblers a year. The bird is, after all, a native, domesticated from the feisty wild turkey that Ben Franklin thought should be the national bird. Nowadays, hens are often holiday dinner - they're harvested at about 15 pounds. Toms easily hit 40; they're the source of deli meats. True fact: Turkeys are now bred so big they must be artificially inseminated. Up for debate: turkey IQ. "About as smart as any bird", says Iowa State University veterinarian Darrell Trampel, Israel poultry geneticist Gaddi Zeitlin states, "It's a very stupid animal."

Pounds per capita, 2005

1. ) Israel ...34.6
2 .)Slovakia ... 31.3
3.) U.S.A.....16.1
4.) France .... 13.7
5.) Hungary ..... 12.8
6.) Grenada .....12.1
7.) Dominica ....11.2
7.) Ireland ... 11.2
7.) Samoa... 11.2


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