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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


How old are you?

Does your chronological age fit with how old your body feels?

RealAge, a consumer-health media company, developed a patented RealAge test to measure how fast your body is aging, based on health and lifestyle.

To find out if you are older or younger than your actual age from a health standpoint, take this test:

How would you rate your physical health compared to others of your chronological age?

Excellent -2
Very good -1
Good 0
Fair +1
Poor +2

Have you ever used tobacco (cigarettes, cigars,chew tobacco) on a regular basis for 3 or more months?

Yes, I currently smoke +2
Yes, but I have quit 0
No -2

How often do you floss?

Never +2
1 time per week +1
2-3 times per week 0
4-6 times per week -1
7 or more times per week -2

How often do you use a mobile phone while driving?

I don't own a mobile phone 0
I never use a mobile phone while driving -2
Very infrequently 0
1-2 times each day I drive +1
3-5 times each day I drive +1
More than 5 times each day I drive +2
I don't drive 0

Which best describes your current marital status? (If you consider yourself in a lifelong cohabitating relationship even though you are not legally married, please choose "married".)

Never married 0
Happily married -1
Unhappily married 0
Separated +1
Divorced +2
Widow/Widower +2

In the last 12 months, have you experienced some events that caused you a great deal of stress, such as death of a family member, illness, divorce, unemployment, etc?

Yes +2
No -1

How many servings of whole grain do you eat per day?

None +2
1-2 servings +1
3-5 servings -1
6 or more servings -2

Do you eat multiple servings from each food group one most days?

Yes, always -2
Yes, on most days -1
No, hardly ever +1

On average, how many days per week do you do light to moderate aerobic, strength building or flexibility exercise?

1-2 days 0
3-4 days -1
5-6 days -2
7 days -2

Do you have diabetes?

Yes, type I diabetes +3
Yes, type 2 diabetes +3
No 0

Add up your positive and negative points separately.

More positive points than negative means your RealAge is likely older than your birthday age.

An equal amount of positive and negative points means your RealAge is approximately the same as your birthday age.

More negative points than positive points means your RealAge is likely younger than your birthday age.

(Source: RealAge/Redeye)

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