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Monday, March 19, 2007
Quick! Brush on your pop culture before tongiht's cocktail party. Nobody likes a guest who doesn't know her Kabbalista.

1.) Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie have celebrated the Jewish holidy of Purim by dressing as all but which of these?
a). A flapper and a cop, in 2007.
b). A nun and a Pontiff, in 2005.
c). Sonny and Cher (him), in 2004.
d). A French maid and an Indian in 2006.

2). Which potentially career threatening injury befell soccer star David Beckham, who just signed a $250 million contract?
a). He banged his head while attempting to snowboard and text message simulatneously in Utah.
b). He hurt his right knee- roughly $125 million worth of his equipment - while playing in Madrid.
c). His nose got out of joint when he and wife Victoria were'nt invited to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Oscar party in Malibu, Calif.
d). He threw out his back while trying to bend it, old school, on the dance floor of Brooklyn.

3). FBI agents recently visited Steven Spielberg because:
a). There were allegations he had tampered with Oscar ballots to help Martin Scorsese finally win the award for Best Director.
b). He discovered he owned a Norman Rockwell oil painting that had been stolen more than 30 yeas ago in St. Louis. Mo.
c). The wanted to settle a bet about the release date of the fourth Indiana Jones movie.
d). They had a script they thought he might be interested in.

(Answers: 1). C; 2). b; 3). B )

(Source: Abstracted from TIMEMAG)
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