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Wednesday, March 07, 2007
SCIENTISTS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA - LINCOLN are developing ways to make textiles from farm leftovers like rice straw, chicken feathers and corn husks. These newfangled fabrics are part of a trend of ec0-sustainable synthetic materials. In fact, clothes made from things you might eat are already in stores. Here are a few ways to get some fiber in your fibers.

Bamboo In Your Pants
As a crop, bamboo is both flood and drought-resistant and fast growing. As a fabric, it's naturally antimicrobial, making for soft, nonstinky workout gear. Desginer Carol Toung uses it to make denim trousers.

Going Coconuts
Activewear purveyor GoLife offers recycled polyester shirts reinforced with odor-absornbing carbon from coconut shells. The shirts also provide sun protection and absorb moisture twice as fast as traditional polyester.

High Fashion
Toking jokes aside, hemp has been cultivated for frabric since 2800 B.C. and was grwon by Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and in the 1940s, 4-H Clubs. The fiber makes durable and breathable clothes.

Beanie Babies
Soy textiles are made from the dregs left over from producing soybean oil and tofu. From those humble beginnings come high-end silky tops, dresses and especially soft baby clothes and blankets.

Husky Clothing
Ingeo is made from corn, resulting in a fabric that is not only sustainably grwon but also biodegradable. It's showing up in hiking socks from Teko and in chich fashions from designers like NaturesvsFuture.

(Source: Abstracted from TIMEMAG by Lisa McLaughlin)
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