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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
MARCH 25..... Britain marks the 200th anniversary of its abolition of the slave trade in the former British Emopire.

JULY 27........ The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention formally adopted a name for AIDS 25 years ago. The disease was discovered in 1981.

SEPT.25......... Fiftieth anniversary of desegragation at Arkansas Little Rock Central High School, after U.S. troops escorted nine African-American students to class.

OCT. 4............. The space race began 50 years ago with the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik.

DEC. 2............. In 1982 Barney Clark became the first recipient of an artifiicial heart.



U.S. Iran Talks?
Iraq summit presents opening
Nearly a dozen countries attend a security conference in Baghdad March 10 to discuss Middle East unrest. This could be the first direct U.S.-Iran contact in more than two years.

No Junk on TV
Britain bans some food ads
By the end of next year, British broadcasting regulator Ofcom will phase out all commercials on children's prgramming that promote junk food containing high fat, sugar and salt.

Cough Cops?
Child remedies maybe unsafe
Responding to a petition filed by top pediatricians, the FDA will determine if stricter regulations are needed for over-the-counter cold and cough medicicines given to children under 6 years old.

Three for Spidey
Japan scores sneak peek
Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that the third installment of the Spider Man series will debut in Japan on May 1. The rest of the world must wait three more days for the webbed wonder.

Primitive Comedy
Geico cavemen to star in sitcom
Acting is so easy - even a caveman can do it. The characters in Geico's commercials will star in an offbeat comedy about age discrimination that will begin produciton this spring.

(TimeMag/Glenn Weiner-Zuma Press)


17.8% Percentage the Chinese military budget will rise this year, to just under $45 billion, which prompted the U.S. to call for the Chinese government to be clearer about the scope and intent of its rapitd arms buildup.

$481.4 billion Proposed U.S. Defense Department budget for the next fiscal year. China argues it spends only a fraction of what the U.S. spends.

85.5 Years of life expentancy for Japanese women in 2005, up by nearly a year from 2000 and longest in the world.

33.2 Years of life expentancy for women in Swaziland, where the HIV infection rate is nearly 40% and life span are the lowest on earth.

$100 million Estimated amount that Gap, Apple and Motorola have spent on marketing RED Campaign, launched a year ago to benefit the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

$18 million Amount the RED campaign has raised worldwide.

36 Days that Jennifer Mee, a St. Petersburg, Fla. teen, suffering from constant hiccuping that stopped only when she slept.

50 Times that Mee hiccupped per minute

(Sources:NewYorkTimes,Associated Press,BBC,Advertising Age,TimeMag)
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