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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
** 1901
Dr. Alois Alzheimer examines 51 year old Aguste D. and diagnoses what he coins "presenile dementia".

** 1906
Dr. Emil Kraepelin rewards protege by naming "Alzheimer's disease" for him.

** 1936
Scientist's find same plaques and tangles in middle-aged and elderly brains.

** 1963
Researchers link cognitive decline to plaques and tangles.

** 1974
Old term "senile dementia" replaced by diagnosis of "Alzheimer's disease".

** 1975
Verbal cognitive test introduced as standard diagnostic tool.

** 1979
Alzheimer's Association formed to help patients and caregivers.

** 1980
Rita Hayworth's diagnosis makes Alzheimer's widely known worldwide.

** 1983
President Reagan approves task force for Alzheimer's research.

** 1984
Beta-amyloid identified as component of plaques between neurons.

** 1990
Tau protein identified as component tangles within neurons.

** 1991
First gene implicated in early-onset Alzheimer's.

** 1992
First gene implication as risk factor in late-onset Alzheimer's.

** 1993
FDA approves first Alzheirmers' drug, tacrine (Cognex), for mild to moderate symptoms.

** 1994
Former President Reagan announces diagnosis of Alzheimer's.

** 1996
Donepezil (Aricept) approved by FDA as safer treatment for mild to moderate symptoms and becomes most popular Alzheimer's drug.

** 1999
First Alzheimer's vaccine tested in mice but side effects halt human trials.

** 2003
Memantine (Nemenda) approved by FDA as first drug to treat moderate to severe Alzheimer's symptoms.

** 2004
U.S. government approves PET brain scans to diagnose Alzheimer's.

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