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Wednesday, April 19, 2006
There is a big raucus about the upcoming movie entitled "DA VINCI CODE", written by Dan Brown. I am sure back home in the Philippines there's plenty of people so nervous about this and of course the Philippine Board of Censor.

One thing I cannot understand is why make a big deal about this movie. It is a novel, writeen by a man who wanted to see his ideas, book and make money out of it.

When the movie "PASSION" was about to hit the big screeen, there was a lot of hype about this movie. People are saying this is Anti-Semitic and the only thing people did not say was Mel Gibson is a herectic. He is a devout Catholic and one has to understand, this was a movie depicting a historical and religious figure. One Jewish Rabbi was saying on TV, that the more people make lots of noise about this movie, the more Mel Gibson is going to make money -- which he did. I did not see anything anti-semitic about it. In fact the female actress who starred in the role of Virgin Mary is a Jewish.

So -- about this DA VINCI CODE, people are saying that this is an attack on the Catholic church and the one particular organization of the church which is the OPUS DEI (Workers of God). I have read the book, and I like it. After reading the said book, I read also Dan Brown's previous book ANGELS AND DEMONS. It was also a nice book, well researched.

OPUS DEI and a lot of my country men back home in the Philippines are all on the side of cautions about this movie. First time I have seen OPUS DEI on the defense-- is that the right word?

When I was about to enter the seminary for the priesthood back home, ages ago, I was an acolyte at the Saint Anthony de Padua church, under the Capuchin Faters in the fourth district of Manila, called Singalong (SING-GAH-LONG). IN 1964, this is also the first centere established to house the MAYNILAD STUDY CENTER of the OPUS DEI. This was catering for the college students in the area. Then it has become wide spread now, totalling to 40 centers in Metro Manila, Laguna Province, Batangas Province Cebu, Iloilo and Bacolod.

There are retreats anc courses on Philosophy and theology organized regulary at the Makiling Conference Center in Calamba,Laguna Province.

My dad's younger brother was converted by the IGLESIA ni CRISTO founde in Manila, Philippines by Erano Manalo. It is not a part of protestant church, but a religion of its own and with its own personality. My Uncle has five sons, when he joined this religious sect. Then he got sick of tuberculosis and died at the foot of their church. Sad to say, nobody helped him, except his young son of 10 years old who was with him at that time.

When he died, his wife cannot take the death of my Uncle and had a nervouse breakdown to the point of behaviouring differently until she has to be committed to a psychiatric ward. The five boys was sent to the home province of my Uncle's wife, as instructed by their father before he died. They were not treated properly by their maternal relatives so all of the five boys was taken back and was distributed to the different members of my father's sisters.

One particualar boy was a very intellectual and grew up very quiet and always on his own. He was sent to a Catholic school by my Aunt who is now his gurdian and then graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Chemical Engineering. His name is G..... He was the fourth son of my Uncle and near the U.P. Campus was a center for OPUS DEI. He found his calling and joined OPUS DEI. He was a NUMERARY, a committed member of the group who have taken the vows of celibacy, lives inside the center and practices corporal punishment. He was then an Associate Professor at the University of the Philippines, College of CHemical Engineering.

Four four years, he followed the rules and live inside the center as a pious and obedient NUMERARY. The I stepped out of the seminary, while this cousin of mine continued on to his chosen spiritual path in life.

After four years with the OPUS DEI , he decided he wants to become a priest. And so he did. He was sent to Spain to study the four year Philosophy requirements and then was sent to Rome to finish his Theological studies. On the last three years of the Pontificate of the late saintly Pope John Paul II, my cousin was ordained as a priest in Rome. It was attended by my sister and her husband and my cousins. I was not able to attend, because of health problem.

My cousin is now a priest of the OPUS DEI and now back home in the Philippines serving his vocation and the OPUS DEI. The first he thing told me, when I saw him back home in the Philippines, is that he has to learn how to drive a car, and then cater to the children of the elite at the school where he was assigned. He is also staying and having his domicile at the OPUS DEI center in Manila fourth District.

Last March of this year, my younger brother died, and my cousin Fr. G... was the one who did the funeral mass. After the mass, we talked for some time and I asked him if he is also using the DISCIPLINE, and he said yes. He told me he uses it once a week during prayers. This is a cordlike whip, used to flagellate themselves. I tried it, I was not hot about it. It will take a man's conviction and faith to use it. I don't like pain associated with prayers.

We talked about DA VINCI CODE, and I told him that I am a member of the Freemason and his Kuya R...is a member of the TEMPLARS which was also mentioned in the book of Dan Brown's DA VINCI CODE He just smiled and told me he knows about it and he does not mind. He said the book is not a distortion of his faith and his love for OPUS DEI -- he told me the book has strengthen more his love for his religion and the group where he belongs.

As for me --- what is OPUS DEI and the DA VINCI CODE meant to me? The first one is to sell into the hearts of men and the other one is to sell and make money.

PAX IN AETERNUM so OPUS DEI said, when greeting one another.
posted by infraternam meam @ 11:04 PM  
  • At 1:36 PM, Blogger anthony said…

    Hi There!

    I was searching for an aritcle regarding the history of saint anthony of padua parish in singalong, manila and I accidentally reached your blogsite. I used to served in that parish as an acolyte, too. I had been there for more than 15 years, the capuchin's left the parish around 1995 and it is now under the archdiocese of manila. I also used to be a seminarian under the OFM, Capuchins at Lipa, Batangas two years ago, and I'm now in Singapore looking for greener pasture. It is so rare to find such people like you in the internet talking about st. anthony parish. Anyway, I am actually creating a website for the parish of st. anthony in singalong and I really need some information. If you have old pictures or information about the history of the parish please let me know. I would really appreciate if you could help me with this one. Thank you in advance! God Bless!


    P.S.: You can send the information through email at sapsingalong@gmail.com; probably by 1st or 2nd week of october this year the site is fully functional.

  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger Catherine Vergara said…


    I am so happy that I found your blog in the internet. I have so many questions to your cousin who is a former INC member and became numerary of opus dei. can we you email me? thank you


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