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Monday, January 30, 2006
I just came back from a 10-day vacation, and I think I need another vacation.

I went to Manila, to see my parents and celebrate with them their 65th wedding anniversary. It was a very small party,'cuz my parents does not like big party for their wedding anniversary. My father said, it has been done when they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. He wants a very quiet and only family affair.

We have some family relations that came from Winnepeg,Canada, to join the small gatherings and we had lunch at the Palms Country Club, where my sister is a member. It was very nice and was very festive. I was looking at my parents who are now 84 and 82 years of age. I can see the looks in their eyes and the glitter, talking to my mom's sister and her children from Canada.

I was asking myself, if we have already given the best for my aging parents. My eldest sister was telling me that we will give our parents the best things in life that they needed. My parents cannot go and fly anywhere, like before. My father had a quadruple bypass at the Heart Center five years ago and can no longer endure the long travel. MY mother has Osteo Athritis. She is now confined in her wheel chair.

We took them also for an intimate lunch at Highlands Ranch in Tagaytay City, wherein my eldest sister is a member. My parents are so happy, even if they don't eat much, I can see it in their eyes that they are having fun and is enjoying the company. We were all talking at the same time, teasing each other and telling stories of gone by. My father just kept on whatching and listening and laughs along with us. My mother is so secluded and so quiet. We are all worried about her. She does not want to do some exercise. The only time she goes on a short exercise is when she goes to see her therapist once a week at Asia Hospital. We are worried about her very much.

There was this Manny "PacMan" PACQUIAO fever in Manila when we were there. There's lots of people who paid 300pesos to see the fight directly beamed from Las Vegas. in a big screen theatre at all SM Mall Cinemas. I was inside the SM Southmall, when the this boxer won the fight. Hell broke loose inside the mall, people are holding small Philippine flag,and they were all yelling and shouting, but very orderly. The media went wild and frenzy. The mother of Manny Pacquiao was interviewed on live TV and she was so simple and her answer, although she was having hard time expressing herself in tagalog, is so simple and nice. They kept on showing on TV , the First Gentleman Arroyo and Mayor Lito Atienza of Manila at the arena in Las Vegas.

When Manny arrived in Manila, there was a huge crowd at the Manila city Hall and he was then taken into a float. There was a last minute hitch when one of the Pinoy boxers who was with Manny in Las Vegas was not given entry at the stage. His name is JACA, i forgot the first name. He was only accorded the courtesy of joining Manny at the float when one of the members of the media recognized him.

Then there was this special audience to some of the Philippine Military generals, wherein Manny was asked to sing. Then an audience with Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) at the palace. The president even called her grandchildren to meet Manny in person. The palace chef produced a snack made specially for Manny and given a name I cannot remember.

He was also paraded into the streets of Quezon City even if it was raining. Huge umbrellas are covering the figthers and the political luminaries.

There was also a special interview at the Hyatt Hotel suites where Manny is staying. The media interviewed the parents and the boxer himself, but I did not like how the interview and the requests by the media from the parents of the boxer was asked. The media is asking things from Manny's parents that is so childish.

At any rate, Manila and the entire Philippines has now a distruction for a while from its political bickerings among politicians. They have to take care of their hero for awhile and I am sure when these susbsides, the bickering will start again.

Now--- all young boys, wants to be like Manny "PacMan" Pacquiao, a boxing legend. He is only 27 years old.

The Chinese New Year in China town was also on going while Manny was the main even story. Tikoy (stickey gluttonous sweet rice) is being sold at bug supermarkets, with different flavors, unlike when I was a kid, it comes in one flavor only. Simple white and sweet. Now it comes in PANDAN flavor (from a Pandamus plant) green in color and UBE flavor (Purple yam), they even have Pineapple, Banana, and Strawberry flavor (yaaaakkkk)

I got sick while on vacation. It rained a lot at night and then during the day, the sun will come out and during lunch time, it will become steamingly hot and humid. Its good our compound has plenty of fruit trees and shade trees that my father ordered planted long time ago. I was not so hot about the mangoes cuz they are a little tart and not so sweet. My wife kept on eating the ripen tamarind and chico.The papaya came very refreshing and the watermelon. What I like best is the Guyabano (soursop).

Then its time to go. We left Manila on Thursday and have to head on to Hongkong and attend the Chinese New Year with some friends there. We have to say goodbye to our parents and sisters and all relatives. Saying goodbye to my parents is the hardest part. I told him i will see him again, without my wife this coming March.

In Hongkong, the only thing we did was eat and my wife kept on shopping. Not all stores are open. We went to the nite market and my wife had a ball. I am not a shopping fanatic.

Then we left Hongkong for San Francisco then Chicago on the 29th January.

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