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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Before anything, I want to emphasize that I have no intention of showing off to any of those who happen to drop by or happen to surf and come across this blog of mine.

Yes...this man who emailed me said that the blog is like a diary of oneself. Blog are supposed to be giving oneself daily activities and encounter in life.

No... I dont think that is true. And, furthermore, I will not give my entire life history and frustrations open for everybody to read. Personal diary entries are supposed to be personal. I want my privacy, even my family and my wife advised me to be very personal in things about our life. And so I did. I don't want to create a blog documenting anything about my life and that of my family.

No... Your email to me did not bother me at all. I like what you said to me in your email. But remember also, I could detect some jealousy in your email Sir! and, I have no intention of answering you thru your email address you have given me. I don't want to encounter any virus and maladies when I ventured into your email address. And so, I am responding thru my blog.

Yes... I blog what I have read. I like to read and wanted to share it with others. Do you have a wide scope of reading and do you have a big private library that I have? If not, you're one fellow who needs to read more and be in tune to other informations from other sources, and learn to build a private library. It cost money, but for me it is very gratifying. I hope it will be gratifying for you too!

Yes... I always put my source in what I read. Is there anything in my blog that I did not put the source? I don't want to be a copy cat nor have any intention of creating something--- putting my name on it, but then its not my work. The blog is an open world--- anybody could see what I enter in my blog and if I don't put the source of where I got it, I could face libel and litigations. I hope you understand the legal impediment of what I said.

No... I am not upset with you, nor am I intending to be angry with you. I have no intention on stooping very low for your own satisfaction and to people like you. I have other things to do in life and have no time to give problems to myself.

So, to end this comments/reply to you, I am what I write --- and you are what you say. But I have more intelligent things to say than you --- I assure you that.

Thank You....and Keep Up the Faith, if you have any.
posted by infraternam meam @ 3:28 AM  
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