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Thursday, January 12, 2006
What do some of the most productive peole on the planet do to stay focused, despite responsibilities and expectations that would stop most of us in our tracks? Sure, many of them have top-notch assistants or a big staff, but they also have personal strategies for staying sane and on task.
Some tips from the pros:


Secretary of State.
She works much like the NFL quarterbacks she so admire: boning up,calling the plays, relying on teammates, pushing forward. She trains like an athlete too; a junk free diet and daily workouts. A master multitasker and cell phone freak. Rice does not use e-mail or a Palm but carries her agenda in her head, big tasks, like Middle East talks, are split into small plays. "We got the first down", says an admiring colleague, because she's "relentless".



He once negotiated a book deal in 15 minutes, just the real estate mogul and late blooming TV star believes in slowing down and focusing when the office gets too frenetic, "I will literally take a breath and allow things to settle a bit." ,says Trump. He also sets aside quiet time each morning and evening for reading and assessing. During work hours, he may not suffer a foolish apprentice, but the Boss keeps his door opens to the troops.



Genetics Researcher.
Venter insists that constant challenge and exposure to new things are what keep his mind sharp at 59. "I thrive on external stimulation", says the man who launched a biotech firm and finished work on his authobiography last year while conducting oceanic research and running the genomic research institute he founded. "The breadth of what I do continues to expand, which increases the chances of assembling unique views of the world."



Journalist and Author.
To jump start his creative juices, the Pulitzer winner and best selling author (Den of Thieves) practices piano for an hour each morning. "The thorniest kind of music, like Bach, is best", he says. "It refreshes the brain because you can't do it unless you exclude everything else and concentrate", To stay creative, he believes, one must cultivate curiosity, "I love reading the paper with an eye to what's missing. I get all kinds of ideas from that".



President, California Institute of Technology
Even a man who won a Nobel at 37 can get flustered by the flood that overwhelms his in boxes. "My desk, my chairs, my floors are cluttered", says Baltimore, who at 67 still plays a big role in biomedical research. He copes like the rest of us; "You have a hierarchy of what's important, like your family, your dog, your friends, your students". As for lesser matters? "Those you let sit in the pile and see ifthey go away".

(Source:TIMEMAG/MIND 7 BODY by: Sonja Steptoe)
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