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Friday, January 14, 2005
Coconut oil is being touted as a weight-loss aid,
but some nutritionist are wary.


Look to coconut oil as the latest miracle diet food,
says the author odf the least three new weight loss books.
One argument is that coconut oil is a big part of traditional
diet of strong and healthy Pacific Islanders, who have low
rates of heart diseases. Could it be true? Might this oil
be your diet savior?

Not so fast, say several weight and nutrition experts in the
December issue of Vogue. Although coconut oil has high amounts
of medium chain triclycerides (MCT's), which meatbolize fatty
acids slightly more quickly than polyunsaturated fats such as
canola oil, it's not so different that it will have a big impact
on your weight, says James O. Hill, director of the Center for
Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

As for the Pacific Islanders, they're not like you and me,
says Cindy Moore, director of the Dept. of Nutrition Theraphy
at the Cleveland Clinic Foundatiuon." We have an entirely different
lifestyle, different issues, different diet and different stressors,
so it would be a little naieve to think it's coconut" that will
prevent heart disease.

Cholesterol is another problem, adds Joanne R. Lupton, professor
of nutrition at Texas A&M University. She says there is a
"direct linear relationship between intake of saturated fat and
increase in LDL cholesterol".

The verdict: Don't believe everything you read."

(Abstracted from the Associted Press/Verna Noel Jones)
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