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Thursday, December 23, 2004
(abstracted from CHICAGOSUNTIMES/
World Section /by Vijay Joshi)

Conservative bristle at recording
posted on eBay for sale

It was a private act of two hormone charged teenagers
that last 2 minutes and 27 seconds on digital video.

But offerd for sale on the Internet, the fuzzy images of
17 year old girl having oral sea with her high school
boyfriend has sent shock waves through urban India,
exposing the growing friction between the conservative
middle class, its increasingly Westernized children and
modern technology.

"It came to me as surprise that kids are having sex so soon,"
said Barkha Dutt, who hosts the country's most popular television
talk show on social issues.

India may be the birthplace of Kama Sutra but sex today is a
generally taboo subject. Premarital sex is not widely condoned,
and public displays of affection draw frowns.

The girl's parents have sent her off to Canada. The 17 year old
boy is in juvenile detention center.

The sex clip -- shot by the boy using his cell phone camera--
was recorded weeks ago and passed on by the bragging teen to
three of his friends. It eventually made its way to video disc
sellers in New Delhi, bit did not draw muich attention until an
engineering student at a prestigious Indian college listed it
for sale in Baazee.com.

Caught in the scandal's stinging sweep is Avnish Bajaj, the
Indian born American who heads eBay's Indisian subsidiary Baazee.com.

Bajaj was arrested last week under an ambiguous Indian law on
cyber pron. He was freed after posting bail Tuesday, but his U.S.
passport remained confiscated.

Bajaj's arrest triggered a spat between the United States and
India and a threat by Ebay executives to reconsider doing business
in a country that would jail one of their top managers.

(Associated Press)
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