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Friday, December 17, 2004

Singer George Michael has written
to British celebrity magazine to rebuke
Elton John for making
unflattering comments about Michael's personal life.

In an open letter to Heat magazine, released Tuesday,
Michael accused John of spreading unsubstantiated
gossip pickled up on the "gay grapevine".

In comments published last month, John, 57, told Heat
that "George is in a strange place. There seems to be
a deep rooted unhappiness in his life and it shows on
the latest album. All I would say to George is:
You should get out more

In the letter, Micahel, whose latest album, "Patience"
topped the British charts, said he had "rarely been as as happy
and confident as I am today, thanks to my partner Kenny(Goss)
and the continued support of my fans."

Michael, 41, aid he and John were not close, and that he had
kept his distance because "I was always aware that Elton's
circle of friends was the busiest rumor mill in town,
and that respect for my privacy was not excatly guaranteed

"Elton John knows very little about George Michael, and that's
a fact. Contrary to the public's impression, we have spoken
rarely in the last 10 years
," Micahel wrote. "And to this
day, most of what Elton thinks he knows about my life
is pretty much limited to the gossip he hears on what you
would call the 'gay grapevine', which, as you can imagine,
is lovely stuff indeed."

"Other than that, he knows that I don't like to tour,
that I smoke too much pot and that my albums still have
a habit of going No. 1."

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