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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
1. Play Filipino Christmas tunes such as
"Pasko na Sinta Ko."

2. Attend Misa de Gallo which is a mass
held before dawn on December 16 to mark
the start of the nine day novena.

3. Use parols or star shaped lanterns that
have candles inside, to light your way to
the church in the dark.

4. Purchase native foods such as Puto Bumbong
(rice steamed inside a bumbong oN small bamboo tube)
bibingka( rice cake with salted eggs and fresh'
grated coconut meat) and suman (steamed rice wrapped in
banan leaves) outside the church.

5. Expect cumbancheros, or carolers, to visit
your house with musical instruments to serenade
you and your neighbors.

6. Expect to watch the Panunuluyan in the town plaza
on Christmas Eve. This is a re-enactment of the Holy
Couple's journey to Bethlehem and portrays the lack of
hospitality they encountered along the way.

7. Attend midnight mass on Christmas Eve. This is always
a special event that children wear new clothes to.

8. Gather with friends and relatives for Noche Buena
after the mass ends. Thus is a fetive meal followed
by the exchange of gifts, which lasts through the next

9. Arrange to visit family and friends on Christmas day.

10.Remember that the holiday season draws to close with
the Feast of the Three Kings on the first Sunday of January.

(abstracted from PILIPINAS2.0/MAGAZINE)


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