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Thursday, December 23, 2004
*** The first Christmas in the Philippines was
celebrated 200 years before Ferdinand Magellan
discovered the country for the western world
between the year 1280 and 1320 AD.

*** The word Christmas comes from the Old English
Christes maesse or Mass of Christ.

*** Alabama was the first state in the US to recognize
Christmas as an official holiday. This tradition began
in 1836. Oaklahoma became the last US state to declare
Christmas a legal holiday.

*** America's official national Christmas tree is located
in King's Canyon National Park in California. The tree, a giant
sequoia called the "General grant tree" is over 300 feet
hihg. It was made the official Christmas tree in 1925.

*** California, Michigan.Washington,Wisconsin,Pennsylvania
and North Carolina are the top Christmas tree producing states.
Oregon is the leading producer with 8.6 million in 1998.

*** Christmas caroling began as an Old English custom called
Wassailling. It is toasting neighbors to a long and healthy

*** In France, Christmas is called Noel. This is derived
from the French phrase 'les bonnes nouvelles,' which means
literally "good news" and refers to the gospel.

*** In North America, children put stocking out at Christmas
time. Their Dutch counterparts, however, use shoes to receive
gifts any time between mid-November and December 5,
St. Nicholas Day.

*** The custom of sending Christmas Cards started in Britain in
1840 when the first 'Penny Post' public postal deliveries began.

*** In English speaking countires, the day following Christmas
Day is calleD Boxing Day. The word comes from the custom that
started in the Middle Ages around 800 years ago: churches would
open their alms box and distribute the contents to poor people
in the neighborhood on the day after Christmas.

*** In 1647, the English parliament passed a law that made
Christmas illegal. Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell, who
considered feasting to be immoral, banned festivities.
The ban was lifted when the Puritans lost power in 1660.

*** In Sweden, a commom Christmas decoration is the Julbock,
a small figurine of a goat made from straw.

*** More than three billion Christmas carDs are sent annually
in the United States.

*** An Austrian priest named Joseph Mohr wrote Silent Night in
1818. He was told the day before Christmas that the church organ
was broken and would not be fixed in time for Christmas Eve.
He was saddened by the the news so he wrote a song that could be
sung without an accompaniment of a music instrument. He finished
his composition with three stanzas before dusk. Later that evening,
his masterpiece entitled "Silent Night" was sang by the churchgoers
for the first time.

*** The first Christmas card was created in England on December 9,1842.

*** The movie "How Grinch Stole Christmas" featured more thatn 52,000
Christmas lights, about 8,200 Christmas ornaments, and nearly
2,000 candy canes.

*** The popular Christmas song "JIngle Bells" was composed in 1857 by
James Pierpont, and was originally entitled "One-Horse Open Sleigh".

*** the biggest selling Chritmas single of all time is White Christmas,
It is a song of peace and yearning for the 'ones we used to know' and
was released to a war torn public during the darkest days of world war II
By the end of the war it had become the biggest selling single of all time.

*** Hallamrk introduced its first Christmas cards in 1915, five years
after the founding of the company.

*** The Christmas season begins at sundown on the 24th December and lasts
through sundown on the 5th of January. For that reason, this season
is also known as the Twelve Days of Christmas.

*** The City of San Fernando was known as the Christmas Capital of the
Philippines?It is known for its Paskuhan Village where Christmas
is celebrated all throughout the year! There you will find display
of the giant "Parol" or Christmas Lanterns--the largest probably
in the whole world, contributed by all the barrios that participated
in the contest.

posted by infraternam meam @ 3:25 PM  
  • At 5:28 AM, Blogger cathcath said…

    Merry Christmas.
    namamasko po.

    pusa po.


  • At 6:04 PM, Blogger Day said…

    kuya mel, Maligayang Pasko at Masaganang bagong taon sa inyo at sa iyong pamilya!

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