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Sunday, March 16, 2008
More choices to help you move away from sugar
Although sugar is still sugar, the following can be used in small amounts in place of artificial sweeteners until you're ready to give it up altogether.

Amber in color, with a mild butterscotch or caramel-like flavor; it's about half as sweet as sugar and is gluten free, according to Connie Bennett, author of "Sugar Shock". The syrup is made by fermenting cooked brown rice with enzymes. After straining off the liquid, the process converts the rice starches into about 50 percent soluble complex carbohydrates, 45 percent maltose and 3 percent glucose.

The National Sweet Sorghum Producers and Processors association makes this very clear; Sorghum syrup is not the same as molasses, a byproduct of the sugar-making process. Sorghum syrup comes from sorghum cane. Genuine sorghum cane. Juices are extracted and then concentrated through evaporation. Genuine sorghum contains nutrients such as iron, calcium and potassium. The association recommends substituting sorghum cup for cup in any recipe or dish that calls for molasses, honey, corn syrup or maple syrup.

A little drop goes a long way. It's made by boiling down maple sap and contains a full complement of minerals and is particularly rich in potassium and calcium, said Ann Louse Gittleman, author of "Get the Sugar Out".

Another Bowden favorite, molasses is the thick syrup that's left after sugar beets or cane is processed for table sugar. Black strap contains the lowest sugar content of the molasses and has a bitter tart flavor. It has good for you ingredients, but few consume enough of the strong flavoured syrup to benefit.

Although it has more calories and raises the blood sugar even more than white sugar, Jonny Bowden lists raw, unfiltered honey in his book "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth" (Fair Winds Press) because it contains enzymes and phytonutrients and has some reported medicinal benefits. But it could cause allergic reactions to pollen sensitive individuals.

If you simply can't do without sugar, this is Gittleman's favorite stain in. It's made from pulverized dried dates; although it has the consistency of sugar, it isn't refined like sugar. It also contains fiber and is high in many minerals. One table spoon of date "sugar" is counted as one fruit exchange in the diabetic exchange system. Because it has an intense flavor, you might be inclined to use less.

(Source: CHICTRIB:QUALITIES OF LIFE by: Julie Deardoff/Tribune Reporter)

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